Friday, March 28, 2008

Life, Art and the Nursing Profession

Hello all! Welcome again. I guess I should start out telling everyone about who I am and why I started this blog. I am Leslie, I am 35, married to a wonderful man (don't we all say that?) and I have the most fantastic, beautiful and sweet daughter in the world. She will be turning 3 in April and planning her birthday party is keeping me very busy here lately. I am also a full-time registered nurse. I work at a local pharmacy as a community health educator. I am unsure anymore if I really like being a nurse. I love the people I work with, including patients and co-workers, but I truly hate hospital and nursing home nursing. So, that leaves me looking and wondering everyday if I made the right "career" choice.

That being said, I truly, TRULY LOVE designing and making jewelry!!! Or anything I can get my hands on! Which is why I opened an Etsy shop. Mad Maggie Designs. The name comes from my daughter, who when she displays her "best" side (NOT!), we nicknamed her Mad Maggie. It is her alter ego I guess. One that can scare the heck out of you......"just slowly walk not make any sudden movements"....

I will hopefully be adding items to the store very soon. I am more worried about taking good pictures than anything else. The jewelry and the designs have never worried me, as it is like my therapy.

Ok, so what else.....I am a horrible speller, I have a quirky (ok, weird) sense of humor, I am very opinionated, I love deeply and can "dislike" just as deep. I was never allowed to "hate" anything growing up, so if you ever see me write that know it is BAAADDDD!!

I started this blog because I have SO MANY favorite blogs out there that I read every day, and I always have joked that I am always the last to know anything, so as I JUST in the last 6 months started reading blogs, I would read them and think....exactly! or, I know just how you feel! or, I totally disagree! So, here it is my attempt to get out there in the blog world!

Ok, so I have thoroughly bored you! Thanks for sticking with me! I will get better as time goes on. You all have a great day! Take care and also have a great weekend! Go forth and create!


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello! Welcome to the first of Mad Maggie Designs Blog! I guess we will see if this works. Stay tuned and we will see what kind of journey this takes us on!


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