I am a wife, mother, and a full-time psych nurse. I am also a self taught jewelry artist that was inspired to take up jewelry design after my father taught me the 'basics' of bead stringing in 1999. I was HOOKED! After my daughter was born, I found that jewelry design became a necessity to get us through our first Christmas by making jewelry as gifts for family and friends! One of those friends worked at our local county health department, and soon the jewelry orders started to fly in. I was then commissioned by the WIC department at the same health department to create a piece of jewelry for their breastfeeding clinic......and a business was born! I found Etsy through a postcard my mother picked up at an art show. I opened my Etsy account in March of 2008, but did not list my first item until September 2, 2008! Cold feet I guess! I also started my blog in March of 2008. This blog is committed to showcasing my work, featuring other artists, promoting Etsy, offering parenting information, and ALL about trying to have fun in the process!

A lifetime passion for jewelry, color, and design has evolved into….
Mad Maggie Designs – Designs You’ll Go Mad For

Since 1999 I’ve created distinctive designs by blending beads together from around the world: Italy, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Japan, the UK, the US, and more. The beads are made of various materials, primarily semi-precious and precious gemstones, as well as glass treated in many ways, various agates, jaspers, porcelain, lustrous pearls and more.

Some of my favorite suppliers create BEAUTIFUL handmade glass beads using a torch and glass canes in various colors. From others we find carved bone and stone pendants to use as stunning focal pieces for unique designs with an elegant look.

The creative spirit behind the company is Leslie Gidden, a Midwest artist living in Farmington, Missouri. Leslie’s background has given her an appreciation for many forms of art and jewelry. She searches out unique and interesting components, and looks to the beauty in life as inspiration for her evolving designs.

Much of my jewelry is either one-of-a-kind pieces or limited editions. Please contact me if you have a specific idea in mind, I may have exactly what you desire.


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