Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy 36th Birthday to me! Let me see.....lots of things on the agenda. First, after the 4th of July Holiday I will be doing a "Mother's Ring Jewelry Giveaway"! YEAHHHH!!! I know you are excited! Secondly, it is my birthday and all I can say is I woke up, I was serenaded by my sweet daughter with a fabulous rendition of Happy Birthday, I went to work, got my hair done after work , went shopping for a bathing suit (that was enough almost put me in the nearest hospital for anxiety and depression), we had a fabulous dinner from a FANTASTIC restaurant called 12 West, they have the most Divine Gooey Butter Cake.......yummmm......where was I? Oh, I received 2 beautiful cards from my husband with a gift card to the local boutique, and a dozen red roses that were HUGE!!!! Like the size of your fist huge! The one rose that was front and center in the bouquet was 3 feet tall....NO JOKE! HUGE! I had one of my sweetest little old lady patients in my office when they arrived and all she could say was......Wow, WOW!
3rd......I will be taking a little vacation for the 4th. My husband and one of his best friends will be flying to New York for a guys weekend/holiday retreat and my daughter and I will be heading to my mothers to meet up with my sister and her 2 boys. They are coming in from Oklahoma City after spending some time with my dad, but are originally from Olympia Washington. So, I will not be back until after the 8th of July. AND THEN.....I got ANOTHER summons in the mail today for jury duty.....AGAIN...for the 10th AND 11th........UGH! The one I had last week.....well, to put it nicely....IT SUCKED! 28 year old man accused of statutory sodomy of a 3 year old little girl.........Man.....what can you say? I hated the entire frickin' ordeal! You know the guy all over the news here today, Nicholas Sheley, killed that couple in Festus (amongst others), which is the town I used to work in......about 35 minutes form here........now there is a case I would want to be on. NOT any having to do with children. Made me sick! Blah!
Anyhoo.....on to more enjoyable topics.....I have 13 ring orders and 2 bracelet orders to get done before Thursday, packing for me and Madelyn, shopping for me and Madelyn, food shopping for her (with her food allergies I have to bring everything), clean house, do laundry, clean the car, pack the car, more shopping........blah blah blah.
I will return next week. Maybe the giveaway will lessen the sadness........as I know you will miss me as much as I will me you all! In the mean time, GO FORTH AND CREATE! Have a superb July 4th Holiday! Happy Birthday America! Oh, and one last thing. I have not kept in touch with too many people from high school, but one of my good friends from "back-in-the-day" had a birthday on July 4th and I always called him to wish him a happy birthday......well, we have not been in touch for over 15....almost 18 years. But every year I have ALWAYS thought of him at this time. So......Kevin Schroder.....wherever you are....Happy 36th Birthday to you! Miss you!
Many blessings! Take care and be safe!


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