Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hello all! A week from tomorrow, June 1st, I will be flying out of the state for a week long orientation/training, for a new full-time job that I have taken. I am trying to get 'organized'...ha! With the help from Nathalie Girard, one of the MANY great new friends I have met on, I am going to use a blog schedule the she came up with. It is tentative. and of course, I have NO idea if it is going to work unless I give it a my 100% commitment NOT to give up on all my online/Mad Maggie work. Work that I have spent the last 5 months or so REALLY working hard on! Blogging, designing, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, listing, making, taking pictures, editing, using forums, reading, learning, designing some more...etc.....
Here is the schedule:
Monday - New Work or Works In Progress (WIP)
Tuesday - Music Video/YouTube Break or How-To Tuesday
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday
Thursday - Etsy Spotlight or My Etsy Finds
Friday - TGIF! Anything goes...
In my head I see Saturday and Sunday as days to rest, and to get the next weeks blog scheduled or at least outlined!
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to shout them out in a comment, as I could use all the help I can with starting a new job! If there is anything special you wish to see, please let me know! I will be shutting down BOTH Etsy shops while I am out of town in OKC, as I do no have ANY idea if I will be able to get to a computer at all! Oh the withdrawals I am going to have....

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