Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Randon Tuesday Thoughts

*Oh how we miss Florida already!
*I am excited to start back to work tomorrow at a new job!
*I had my first "fill" today at my surgeons office.....down 6 more pounds this month!
*The above picture shows where we stayed during vacation and where we are thinking about buying!
*Of course it might be years before we have enough $$$!
*I am watching Monsters, Inc. and I always cry at the end!
*I have been kicking around the idea to have some girlfriends over for a fun jewelry making night!
*I have some new ideas kicking around in my head...he he he.
*I never would have thought I would miss my little one so much after being glued to her for weeks.....but I do! VERY much!
*Speaking of "little one". If she drags out any more toys to this living room I might be able to set up shop as a toy store! I think she missed her toys!
*My husband is thinking of quiting his job and staying home for awhile....hmmmmm, food for thought.
*If the heat is any indication of what we are in for this summer....it is going to be a HOT one here in southeast Missouri!
*I am wishing you all a great and happy week!

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