Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello! The above pictures are from this weekends big Birthday Bash that lasted all weekend. On Friday my "baby" turned 3..............*SIGH*. Where does the time go?

We had a great weekend full of family, friends, 2 parties, gifts, pizza, cupcakes, balloons, Spongebob, bubbles, music, The Party Place, dancing, dress name it, we had it! We also had great weather.....I think Spring is here! YEAH!!!!

My mom came in from St. Louis. Next to "Nana", daddy and I are chopped liver. Nothing is a bigger favorite for Madelyn that her Nana! It was just all around a great weekend!

I also got to work on a lot of new jewelry pieces. I guess the weather, having my mom here and just an all around good weekend gave me the "creative fire", and designs were just flying! I still need to get the mother's rings done for the county health department. Which I will start on after posting today. I promise to take pictures and have the store open very soon!

In the mean time check out the right side of the blog and look at some of my favorite blogs and Etsy shops. It should keep you busy for awhile!

Happy Birthday Madelyn, mommy and daddy love you very much! You bring such joy, fun, laughter and love into our lives every day. You will never know what you mean to us!
Have a great day everyone! Go forth and create! Thanks for stopping in!

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