Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning As I Go.....

I have added more headings to the right hand side of my blog for you all to look at. I am still learning about my blog site and about my Etsy shop and site. So, thank goodness for Google and other blogs, for they have pointed the way for me to learn as I go!

The three of us in this household are suffering from what I thought were seasonal allergies, but it seems to have turned into upper respiratory all of us. Girlfriend seems to be suffering the most, as they just do not make any good or safe decongestants for 3 year olds. While daddy and I can take Sudafed with our antibiotics, she is just taking her antibiotic.

Tonight I have to attend Girlfriends daycare/preschool as a guest speaker at their annual Kids Health and Fitness Night. I am speaking on Kids Food Allergies. You see, Girlfriend was 13 months old when we found out she had multiple food allergies (Milk, Egg, Peanuts, Tree-Nuts, Tomato, Beef and Chicken).......yes.....really. Long story short, I am now Girlfriends daycare food allergy "expert". Wish me luck for tonight, I need to go put on my makeup and be presentable and professional looking. You know.......not how I looked today at my full-time nursing job.........he he.

And, yes, I still know that there's nothing listed in my Etsy shop. Not that I do not have anything made......I just have not taken any pictures......or any good ones anyway.

Also......go and check out what Kerry Bogert blogged about today on her site today...... Love them!

Go forth and create! Have a great day!



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