Friday, May 2, 2008

2 Things I'd Like To Learn

I fiddle and I play and I erase and I play again....and again. But I can NOT get it! The 2 things that I have not figured out, on my own, about this blog are how to post more than one picture in my blog and NOT have them ALL up at the top. AND how do people post links in their blogging by not typing the actual link itself in the some will say "I saw the neatest thing on this persons website or blog HERE"..And the word HERE would be underlined and a different color AND you can click on it and it will take you to that persons website. I feel like a complete DUMMY! I am not computer illiterate. But to NOT be able to figure out how to post pictures throughout my blog and NOT have them all at the top is aggravating.........but to have to post an actual link to a site is just plain annoying. Not only for me but for you also! AHHHHHH! Someone nice out there in blog land........PLEASE HELP!

If I could figure these things out, I could have more time for posting my goodies in my ETSY shop. Now wouldn't that be nice?! Just an incentive for all of you nice blog readers out there to help me....huh?

Have a great weekend......hope your weather is and will be better than ours here in the Midwest and lastly GO FORTH AND CREATE! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!



Punky N Munky said...

HI Leslie!! Cute blog you have here!! I can help you with these things!!! It would be a bit much to type it all out here, but you can find my email at my blog, send me a note and I can talk you through it. If I can do it anyone can!!! :)


Leslie said...


Hello! Thanks for stopping in and reading! I will be on your site yor get your email! I can not thank you enough for the offer to help, I will be contacting you soon! I love your blog! And your store! My daughter loves her clippies from you, she treats them like dolls! Talk to you soon and thank you so much again!



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