Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nice People and A New Neighbor

The craft and art world has so many nice people in it. I have just been assisted with my two "blogging" questions by one of the nicest artist I have met yet! Wendy over at Punky n Munky obviously answered my problems from my previous post! As you can see! She not only was very thorough in her instructions so that I could absolutely understand what I was doing, BUT I have also purchased her ribbon sculpture hair bow clips from her Etsy shop and my daughter LOVES them! Her work is beautiful, professional and creative! My daughter not only loves to wear her hair clips, but she also uses them as little dolls to act out little stories! Double the fun and entertainment! I can not say enough about her! Thank you, thank you, thank you Wendy!

I am so excited! We have a new neighbor! I took these 2 pictures of our new neighbor, the first one yesterday and the second one this morning. Isn't she beautiful! You know, we lived out in the country for the last seven years on 14 acres of my husbands families land and not once did we ever see this! We had to move in town, in the city limits, to have a neighbor like this. I was worried yesterday as I never saw the "Little Mama", nor were there any eggs in the nest. But this morning, as Girlfriend was eating breakfast at the table, she shouted for me to come look. And there she was, getting comfy in her nest. The second picture was taken from our dining room table, out the front window. I hope we are not too close as to disturb her. I do not want her to leave. What a great experience for Girlfriend to see Little Mama and HOPEFULLY some babies! You might think I am going a little overboard over a bird, but before I went to nursing school I was a biology major, specifically, I wanted to be an ornithologist. I was 15 credit hours away from my bachelor's degree when I decided to switch careers. I still have a love for biology, especially the birdies!

These 2 WONDERFUL pictures were taken by Girlfriend this morning with her little pink Fisher-Price camera she got for Christmas from Papa Mel. All I did was hold her up to the window and she did the rest. Little Mama had flown away by then, but having a picture of her nest taken by Girlfriend was too sweet! I love her camera almost as much as she does. I believe I might have a future artist on my hands! I personally think she did a great job, and took excellent pictures seeing as she just turned 3 a few weeks ago, but then again I am her mommy, so maybe my opinion is biased. As the morning has changed to early afternoon, Little Mama has been working very hard at her nest. It is growing as the hours go by. She comes in with a big mouthful of stuff, puts it where she wants it, hops in and wiggles her little birdy tushy around.

I took this picture of Girlfriend yesterday evening as she was "working her angle" with her camera.

This was the view from her camera at the same time. Yes, I am a little embarrassed to be in my PJ's.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know we did. I am hoping Girlfriend will take her nap soon so that I can get to work on some shop items and listings! Blessings! Go forth and create!



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Punky N Munky said...

Yay it worked!!!! Thank you for all your kind words, good thing you can't see me blush!


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