Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Are You Loving Today?

This is the question asked at the end of Soulemama's blog today. Funny, I had been thinking of doing a blog on some of my favorite things. Mostly things I love that are found around my home. Amanda chose 10.......I do not think I have that many, but I will do my best!

Some things that I am loving right now:

1. My little one making a "Caterpillar" on the kitchen floor with her left over birthday plates. Don't you wish you had that playful imagination? I mean really!

2. Are you ready for this? My mom's $10 find at an estate sale in St. Louis. A little Old English scratch remover and some extra handles and knobs from the kitchen cabinets and I AM IN LOVE! This was a buffet piece that someone only purchased the top of, and left mom called me and described it to me and you know, for $10, if I had hated it, I was only out ten bucks! Obviously, we love it. It makes a great entertainment center, and it matches the wood floor perfectly. I have no idea what design it is or where it was made, but I still sit and goon over it while playing on the floor with Girlfriend.

3. Here is a two-in-one. A fantastic vintage Pyrex find and the most delicious organic dried fruit and vegetables from our local health food store here in Farmington. The Pyrex is not quite what you would expect in our new more "modern" designed home, and not quite the color scheme that has also become our new home, but I had to have it. Something called to me about it.....I just love it and I do not know why! I do, however, know why I LOVE the dried fruit and veggies (strawberry, peaches, cranberries, blueberries, apricots, pears, pineapples, bananas, etc...)! Oh my, YUM! Like candy! As a matter of fact that is what Maddy calls them...."Tandee". The only "Candy" I can say she has ever had. Fine with me. Makes your mouth water huh? Mmmmmm.......

4. Madelyn eating! May not mean much to you all, but it means the WORLD to her daddy and I. It is not something she does a whole lot of with her extensive food allergies and the picky age in which she is at. Those combined have put her in the category of "failure to thrive" and have also made her immune system NON-EXISTENT! So, her finding something new for her to like and actually sit down and devour is REALLY something I am loving today! By the way she is eating Tofutti Guacamole with plain chips to dip in. I have to agree with is really good!

5. These earrings from Etsy seller LSJewelry's shop. I purchased the red gingham and wear them everyday to work. I get more compliments from my patients on this pair than any others that I own. They are like wearable art. I love them!

OK, so only five today. I know that I have more, but I do not have pictures or links to most of what is in my head. That, and I would be linking just about every Etsy seller out there, as I find inspiration and love in all of them!

I also have a new bead and jewelry design running around in my head and I am waiting for a new tool to come in the mail that will help me achieve this new design. I absolutely can not wait to attempt what is up there running around in my mind........I truly hope that I will not be disappointed. So, keep an eye out for it as I will need LOTS of opinions!

You all take care. Enjoy the day! Let me know what you are loving today. Go forth and create! Much blessings!



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