Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just A Pop-In.....

Just a quick pop-in to tell you all something that happened today.

Let us back track to yesterday for a start. Yesterday at work, a co-worker popped her head in my office to tell me I had a call holding for me from *name*. My cell phone had already rang that morning from this same person...BUT....I was in the middle of a cholesterol clinic and was super busy. I gave my co-worker a message to relay and said I will call right back after the clinic was finished. OK, so after the clinic I went out, exhausted, but explained to my co-worker what this person wanted. The person who called is our local breast feeding peer counselor and that she orders mother's rings from me weekly to monthly for all of her mommies who's turn it is to "graduate" from the breast feeding program after a year. My co-worker asked me "what do they look like". So, I proceeded to explain and in the middle she said "you already lost me". Well, I went home at lunch and grabbed the 5 I made for this week as I needed to deliver them after work and brought them in and showed my co-worker. Well, she loved them and ordered 2. I made them last night and brought them in to her today.

Well, I had a local health fair to attend today and returned to work around 1:30 in the afternoon. It seems as my lovely and ever so grateful co-worker went around the ENTIRE pharmacy and flashed her new beauties to EVERYONE!!!!

I now have 16 orders for mothers rings just in time for payday may not seem like a lot to you all, but 16 orders in one day is more than I usually have in 1 month. And that is not all. They all jokingly accused me of holding back on they want to see the mothers bracelets, the mothers pendants. Basically all of my "family" style jewelry and also anything else that I might have.............

I guess I better get my fanny in gear and get my pictures and listings up on Etsy and just refer them all there......hee hee

Thanks for listening! Sorry no pictures today. I just wanted to pop-in and let you all in on the exciting news. Hey......after I make all of them, I will take some pictures and share them with you then! Ahhhh.....good thinking Leslie. That's what you all are thinking right?

Take care!




Marianne said...

Hi Leslie,

thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment.

Good luck to YOU! You sound completely swamped.

Leslie said...


Oh but it is a GOOD swamped! I am happy to say all items were delivered on Friday and 8 more ring orders plus 4 bracelet orders were made that day! I love your blog and I am happy to stop in for my Nathan "fix" daily! Good luck to YOU too with going back to work and with the reflux.......we have been there before.....for both! Thanks again!

Punky N Munky said...

I can't wait to see your jewelry!!! Especially some of the mothers rings :)


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