Monday, May 26, 2008

Sweet Holiday!

Mmmmm.....sweet holiday! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the extra day off....if that is the case. It definitely is the case here, and what a great weekend we had! Started off bumpy with me having an ALL DAY sickening migraine Saturday. It left me in the recliner with a heating pad and much too many medications to try and kick no avail of course! Which left my husband to take care of a 3 year old AND clean the entire house before company........which he did! And wonderfully too! Thank you Tim! The new Superman!

On Sunday my wonderful father and his long-time girlfriend Patty came in from Oklahoma. They came to St. Louis to see some of his brother's. One of his brothers, my favorite uncle (shhhhhh), had multiple strokes just weeks before this last Christmas which put him in a rehab facility in the city for therapy. He is doing well, even with right sided paralysis, and recognized my father and Patty right away when they came to visit! Good news!

I LOVE when my dad visits! He is such a great man. He is, after all, the person who introduced me to jewelry making and design and just crafting in general! Seriously! My dad and Patty can make some awesome stuff! Also, a BIG plus was that Patty knows how to crochet. This is actually something I have been trying to teach myself since last fall. She taught me how to make a Granny Square! Woo Hoo! I am thrilled! Look out for a post of my first attempt soon. Thrilled huh?.........?

Madelyn had such a great time visiting with Papa Mel and Patty. She just loved showing them her big girl room and if that was all that they had come to see you know. We kept them pretty busy for the day that they were here. Antiquing, house hunting, shopping, driving and just talking, talking, talking. We tried to solve the worlds problems and all that!

We had a delicious family dinner. One of my favorites, as well as Madelyn's. We had BBQ pork steaks, baked potato, corn-on-the-cob, salad, rolls and the above desert! Mmmmmm........Sara Lee pound cake, fresh strawberry topping and Redi-whip........*drool* Great Welcome-In-The-Summer food!

So, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and holiday and everyone is safe and sound. Have a great work week.......*groan*, and I will see you all next weekend! Enjoy!


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