Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Some Pics today!

Craft Show first and you can SOOO tell can't you!

And here is my booth and my friends (Mary, Evelyn and Sherry)....but MORE on their BEAUTIFUL art later!

And here are Maddy's holiday cookies she made! What a baker huh? So cute!
OK! Not much going on here. I am still trying to keep my head above the water with orders! I can confidently say that the first Mad Maggie Designs holiday season has been VERY successful! I can not thank all of my customers enough! THANK YOU ALL!!
My husband has a "home" on MySpace and has been on me to get one up for me and my shop........I know, I know, I is supposed to be a great marketing tool......I just could NOT understand the MySpace thing. Well, I spent a whole lot of time last night getting mine up. So, here it is, very boring, still in the works, but at least with all of the other items on my plate, I did it!
Please, give me some hints, ideas, critiques, or just plain help on the site! I have got to head out the door and go to the "day" job at the senior center!
Have a great day you all! Take care!

1 comment:

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Your display looks fine to me! LOL The cookies made me hungry!


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