Monday, March 16, 2009

Stain Glass

Hello all!

This is Madelyn's new and favorite art to make lately! "Stained Glass".
She takes a colored pencil and scribbles and swirls in big loopy-loops to start.

Then she takes different colors and fills in each "space" or "shape". She occasionally lets me color some of those spaces, as you can see.

We name the colors, shapes, if the spaces are big or small, which is her favorite.....we have quite the discussion over our artwork!

We had a huge bowl of homemade Chili Mac for dinner. LOVE this! We make a pot of turkey chili, have it for dinner and use the rest to make Chili Mac. The noodles are Barilla PLUS spaghetti noodles, shredded cheese, chili sauce, Parmesan cheese, and chopped sweet Vidalia onions. Yummmm!

Also, we have been getting ready for the summer around here at the house, as you can see by the practice with the new swimsuit in mama's tub. Nana bought this suit on sale at Target 2 years ago and Madelyn is juuussst about big enough to fill it out. We hope to have many days at Nana's pool this summer wearing this........I don't know if I am swimsuit ready *cough*, um, thanks to the delicious Chili Mac! Well, it's not my fault. Uh huh.

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