Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trying my Hand..... making a copper pipe bezel. As much as I enjoy designing and stringing jewelry....I have this little internal secret. I would love to be able to make some kind of art bead or jewelry component that OTHER designers would like to use in their own creations. I can dream can't I?

I am waiting on some better tools so I can try my hand at other bezels. Cutting copper pipe is NOT as easy as talking, thinking and writing about it.....I have two blistered fingers to prove it, and like I said....I wore work gloves too! I am wimpy!

Above is my first and only attempt at the moment. 3/4" copper pipe, hand cut, drilled, oxidized, brushed with steel wool, antique brass wire wrapped loop, filled with tiny cultured pearls and covered with resin......oh and one small sneaky little bubble...dang him!

Would YOU use it as a charm, in earrings, in a design??? ANYTHING? Feedback MORE than welcome! I had fun making it anyway......enjoy!

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Spirited Earth said...

cool bezel..
is there a back on it?
i think making components is a great idea..
even if it was just a blank bezel..which there are very few of that have a nice deep well.

Leslie Gidden said...

Hello! Great question! I went ahead and posted a picture of what the back looks like....thank you for prompting me to show that!! You are soooo right about there being no deep well bezels...I have searched high and low! Thanks for the comment! Take care!



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