Sunday, October 3, 2010

Illness Delay

Looks like a stomach virus is running through the house. Madelyn missed her first day of Kindergarten last Friday, and as of this morning my husband has been in bed or in the bathroom. This tummy thing has cut my visit with my mom short, as she quickly packed her bags and left this morning. So, there will be a delay in my blogging until I can get everyone back to normal.....ha that word, NORMAL! Please send prayers and good thoughts my way as I DO NOT want to catch whatever this is! No throwing up for the lady with the Lapband....NOT a good thing! Hope you all had a great weekend!
In the mean time, all of you craft peeps out there, take a look at Lorelei's Blog Post! If you have a Michael's near by, RUN, don't walk and pick up the assorted goodies and let the creativity flow! I look forward to seeing what you all make! Take care! :)

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