Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts...

*My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this month.
*I am STILL recovering from the intestinal infection. Never thought It would take this long.
*I am back to my RN job full-time, and even back on my favorite ward! Yay!
*We are loving the Midwest Fall weather.
*LOVING the Fall NFL season too....even Madelyn likes to watch the games. She picks her favorite teams by the color of their uniform, or their mascots! HA!
*Much Barbie doll playing going on in this house on the weekend.
*Madelyn has some new friends in the neighborhood, her first. It has been kinda hard for her to remember the playdate RULES!
*It is stressing her daddy and I out!
*Sweet 'n Salty Chex Mix.....oh, they are gooooood!
*Even better with morning coffee.
*Getting jewelry orders done is wearing on me too.....holidays are here!!!
*Looking forward to the weekend....even though it is only Monday.

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PussDaddy said...

Happy anniversary. My 24th was this month too. I hope you get to feeling better.



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