Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Musing

(Madelyn in the ball pit at a birthday party)

Musings: A product of contemplation; a thought.

I have TONS of these now a days! They range from, Why can I NOT get rid of this strep throat? to Why have I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this Internet Redirect Virus on my computer and it is STILL there?!

*Why can I NOT get motivated enough to finish what I started?
*Why can I NOT remember certain important things these jewelry orders?
*Why is it that Madelyn and I keep getting every illness under the sun and my husband has not been ill once?
*How can I improve my immune system?
*Should I take certain things happening in my life as a sign?
*Why can I NOT shut off my brain with these questions?
*Why, why, why? How, how, how? What, what what? When, when, when? GAH!!!

Why does our brain take us on mental trips that we DO NOT want to go on? Why can it not take me on a trip to Florida instead? Now THERE is a trip I'd happily go on! :)

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