Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tim's NYC Trip

LOTS and LOTS of beautiful NYC trip pictures from the 4th of July weekend......and this is not all of them either! I could not remember all of the places and sites in Tim's pictures so some of them may not have captions, sorry! I hope you enjoy.....or I hope you are not bored to death! He had a great time with his childhood friend Luke. This was a big-deal-trip for my husband as he does not all. Mostly because he has never had the chance or means and does NOT like to fly. The few places he has been in his 35 years are Florida (Senior High School Trip) and Washington state with me to visit my family.......and that is it! YEAH for him! I was SO happy and proud of him too! Thank you all for sharing this HUGE moment with us! Take care!


Tim and Leslie

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