Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Items Slide Show

New Items to arrive in my Etsy shops. Yes! You heard me right! New Items and yes, again, there was a plural on shops! I opened a new Etsy shop just for my new obsession.......pendants! Check it our HERE. It is called Mad Maggie Pendants.....of course it is you are saying!

As a family, we are heading out of what I hope is the last of a 3 week quarantine in this house! Tim, Madelyn and Myself have all been victim to upper respiratory infections, lower respiratory infection and a HORRIBLE stomach virus......and not all at one time. We have barely been overlapping each other. We have also been at each others throats....makes for such a nice household, but we are getting back to our normal selves. Please, please, please dear Lord....make this the END of our sick season, because there are not enough medications on the market to keep mommy from pulling her hair out! I will say once again. There is sickness and there is "Man Sickness", and you ladies out there know what I am talking about. Which is worse? Your 3 year old or your 35 year old husband sick??????? Hmmm? Rhetorical question as we know the answer!

Go forth and create everyone! Have a great day and an even better weekend! I will be back with pictures of Madelyn and her very first haircut very soon....I know! The festivities never end here! Take care! Much love!

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing such wonderful talents being used and not hidden away....if you have a talent, and clearly you do...let the world see it right!



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