Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello all! I have been making some earrings from recycled magazines here lately in the studio. They are still a work in progress (W.I.P.), as, well......I am not sure about them yet. Which is why I posted the pictures here for you all to see, because I need....REALLY need some feedback. I have received some great feedback from others on my Facebook page, but it still has not settled my thoughts on this new design. They are made with 15mm Sterling Silver bezel cups, recycled pages from magazines (these are Martha Stewart), resin, and handmade sterling earwires.

Please let me know what you think, as I am having some "difficulties", I guess you could say, with the way the magazine papers seem to change in color a few days after the resin cures.......I want to know if you all think they still look presentable. Thanks for any feedback you can give me!

Take care and have a great day! Go forth and create!



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Scrap It Up (a.k.a. Kendahl) said...

I really like them, I think they turned out beautifully!

Jelveh Designs said...

they are lovely, I like them very much...make more...once the resin cures, then you can put them up for sale, the buyer would not know what the original color was, I would say you just need to make sure the color that does come out, is nice...hope this helps

The Occasional Embellishment said...

These are lovely designs! I understand they may not have come out quite the way you envisioned them, but many great ideas were discovered by accident! :)

I say list them for sale. I love them...I'm sure others will, also. And one of us is bound to purchase them!

Good luck,

Margot Potter said...

Try sealing them with Mod Podge first, that will keep the inks from running. I've been working with recycled mags too, there's so much wonderful color and imagery there!


Leslie said...

Thank you all so much for the comments,help, and advice!! I tried sealing with Micro Glaze. I will try the Modge Podge next, thank you Margot! Some one also suggested clear packing tape, then seal the edges with glue. Next up is to try my hand at oxidizing the sterling as I think that some of the images I have found would look good with the darker silver......we will see! Thanks again EVERYONE!!! Take care.



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