Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank You Notepourri!

Hello all! I ordered some new custom "Thank You" stickers from Notepourri on Etsy. They are beautiful! It was a wonderful transaction and Jenn is truly an extremely nice person! I also love to read her blog, and found a very sweet blog post with a little bit of me in it! Look HERE!

And here is a small preview of my new stickers. I chose #1 with my Etsy shop website added underneath. I will take some pictures soon of my new stickers in action.

On a more personal note. My 3 year old daughter Madelyn had her first haircut last Wednesday. My husbands cousin, Teresa, cut it for us. We thought it would be easier on Madelyn to take her to someone she knew, and of course she has seen daddy get his hair cut there before. We talked about it days in advance, and she was SOOO excited for the day to arrive. Daddy and I were under the weather with a nasty stomach bug. He was already on the upswing from it and I was just in the beginning stages. So, daddy took her all by himself and mommy missed out on her baby's first haircut......*tear*. Tim took some great pictures of her during the process and I need to take some of the "after" as her hair is SOOOO cute. It is this little ear-length bob that kind of resembles the "Great Gatsby Era".

She was such a great girl...what did I have to worry about? Look at her! What a trooper. Sometimes I think I don't give her enough credit! Even though she is 3 (almost 4).....I am still a new mommy. I hope that there are many more times like these to come! The days are long, but the years are short!

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ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, those labels are adorable!!

And so is your little Daisy Buchanan! She is such a doll!!


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