Friday, August 27, 2010

My Middle Name is Not Grace

Hello Friday! Hello everyone! So....I fell yesterday getting ready for work. I had to have my husband take me to the local ER. I bruised my kidney and am having bouts of hematuria (blood in the urine). The worst part...besides the pain ALL over? Missing work. I love my job, and actually look forward to it! I also hate taking meds, well, at least the ones that don't leave me in full control of my faculties. I sit, in discomfort and feeling sorry for myself! Bah! Going to go listen to an audiobook and make some more sparkly wheels...oh I Do love to make them! I need to get more creative with what to do with them once I have made them!

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!

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ElegantSnobbery said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I hope you recover fully ASAP! And seriously, I felt horrible laughing as I looked at this post... but that picture is HILARIOUS!

Jane said...

Hope you are feeling better... I too have 2 left feet!


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