Monday, August 23, 2010

My Weekend

Hello! I am waiting on some beautiful 24K Gold earwires for these beauties! Just strung them on some sterling earwires to get a sneak peak of what they will look like!! I like!!!

Now this....this cost me some the fingers!! Thumb and index finger on my left hand are burned and blistered. Oozing hot glue....OUCH! Love it though......sorry for the bad photo and light, you might be able to tell it was getting late into the afternoon...almost evening when I finished and hung it! It does finish my entry way though!!!
Have a great day!

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hanci06 said...

They are beautiful,I love them too!

Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful earrings, Leslie. The gold earwires will make these even more special than they already are! I have been the victim of many a hot glue burn while making wreaths ... not fun!

Leslie Gidden said...

Thank you so much ladies!!! My fingers are healing well....made work for me last night at my "day" job a little tough, but I came out fine!! Thanks so much for the comments!! :)



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