Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts...

*How come all the moms dropping off their kids at kindergarten are skinny, blonds with big boob jobs? I live in Farmington for petes sake!

*Rainy here today, which might account for my mood, no good light for picture taking.

*Doesn't matter if it WERE sunny, the camera is in the Durango which my husband took to work.

*I have new blisters on my fingers, not from the hot glue gun this time, but from trying to cut copper pipe with a cheap pipe cutter....AND I wore gloves!

*Was only successful once at cutting said copper pipe, so only ONE copper pipe bezel charm was made this weekend.

*Going to shop eBay and Amazon for better tools for cutting....should have researched better on Youtube about cutting because THERE is where I found the better tools to use.....oh well!

*I have beautiful painted toenails and toes thanks to my daughter.....she gives the best pedicures!

*Going to attempt to make a wire wrapped ring today....might wait till the "grouchies" are over though.

*Wishing you all a great Monday and rest of the week too! Enjoy!

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