Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three "Nanny" Goats Gruff

Hello all! Tonight is the BIG night! Opening night for my baby girl (who will be turning 6 next week....we won't talk about that)! She was picked to play Fanny Goat in her kindergarten musical/play Three Nanny Goats Gruff! She has a solo song and lines and everything!!!!!! I am a SUPER proud momma and can NOT wait to see it tonight. I will go to work and then head on over to see it and then head back to work! I am bringing my Flip Video camera so I will come back and bore you all to death with some clips! Wish her a "break a leg" please! Have a great day! Enjoy!!!! :)

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somethingunique said...

Hi Leslie, how wonderful & i can't wait to see the video.That's one thing i miss the most about no children in elemamenry school is the plays & Christmas concerts they always put a huge lump in my throat watching them up there all inocent and so proud with parents watching with cameras and vidoes all going at the same time. i was a volenteer about 40hrs a week for many years at my sons school as a noon aid and heathly snack lady and whatever teacher needed me for art lessons and no matter what mood i would show up in it if it was down in the dumps or upeset about something it didn't take long for some child to say "hi Mrs. Kinney"to make my bad mood just melt away. Have a great time tonite and enjoy these precious moments ttfn L:)

somethingunique said...

Hi me again i forgot to ask are you having any problems viewing your followers list? mine is not even showing at all when i asked the help icon it said that many people have been experiencing the same issue for day's now


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