Friday, April 15, 2011


I’m into my first day of unemployment, I have yet to get over the initial shock and anger. But, I am determined to embrace the awesomeness that is not having to go to work every day. Here’s a list of things I’m going to try and enjoy: 1.Sleeping in – Needs no further explanation. 2.Pajamas – Again, no explanation needed 3.A clean house – Now that I will be home more, I have plenty of time to clean the house. 4.Eating at home – We love going out to eat, but it’s nice to know that we don’t NEED to. 5.Hanging with the family in the evening (not been done in 11 months) – I love my family. 6.TV – Mostly music/video stations 7.No commute – I don’t have to fight small town traffic that used to be a regular part of my day. 8. Being home for Madelyn - FINALLY! :) 9. Making more Jewelry - Again, no explanation needed! I know that there are so many more things I will be enjoying, but these are the biggies. I know that after a month or two, I’ll be climbing the walls. But for now, I’m going to enjoy being a slacker. post signature


jamberry_song said...

Hope everything works out! Do enjoy those days you've got now! *hugs*

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Sorry I am just finding out you lost your job. My husband is a carpenter and lost his steady job last Feb and we have been struggling to make it ever since. He has had bits and pieces here and there but no real paycheck to speak of. I hope you enjoy the time off and don't start climbing the walls. I have loved having him around (most of the time) but I know he is bored.
Shannon C
PS pajamas all day rule!

Leslie Gidden said...

Thank you!!! I am going to enjoy it!


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