Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once Again

Hello all! Once again we bought new furniture! We really tried to like the other "new" furniture, but, alas, we just could NOT! I know you all liked it, and we tried, we REALLY tried to like it! But, we just hated it! So here we are again, and I LOVE this new look! I fell in love with this set when I went to buy bed rails for Maddy's bed! 17 piece living room set for $1199!!! Fantastic buy! Let me know what you think, and sorry that it was a little messy at the time I took photos! I may post better ones later! Take care!

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Jenni C said...

I love this new look far better. It is lighter and prettier and looks great with the wall color and fresh white, plus I think easier to change with different cushions. You could also slip cover the chair for a different seasonal look, a definite yes from me.

somethingunique said...

Hi Leslie, i never saw the other furniture but i really like the new, i have never had new furniture in my entire life my husband seem to feel his sisterd hand me downs every 10 years seem to be just fine & mess? lol i missed it. take care ttfn L:)


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