Friday, February 18, 2011

New Furniture Dilemma

Hello all! Our new furniture came....and well.....we don't love it. All of you that follow me on Facebook already know, and have viewed these photos, but my husband and I thought we would get MORE views and opinions on the new furniture. The OLD is the green and the NEW is the brown leather. I know it is hard to see from the photos, but we are thinking it is too large. Well, in truth it is really NOT the furniture's fault.....we have a weird living room space to work with!
So, here it is.....we have learned that there is only one way to put the furniture, contrary to what we had planned actually (we wanted it to go by the french doors). We think that we may need a rug to help tie it in, more throw pillows maybe??? Some have said to move the TV above the fireplace (not really the vision I had in this room a big TV up, or that we need a sofa table behind the new sectional (not enough room).....etc....
Anyway, please have a look, leave some comments and help us! Because.....we can NOT got our $$$ back, but we can "exchange" it....blah, blah! :) Thank you all so much! We BOTH appreciate it!

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Spirited Earth said...

unless your room is HUGE it's my thought that sectionals are difficult to work with.
with all the doorways in that space there's really no place to put it except in the middle of the brown color is pretty heavy...sorry but i would exchange it..also..i've learned from my own unfortunate new furniture experience..the stuff always looks so much larger once you get it home.

Jenni C said...

I agree, IMHO I think it a little heavy in color and appearance for the room.
I did EXACTLY the same thing only we couldn't exchange, so wish someone had advised me too!
Now we are stuck with a dark green couch no one really likes, so if I were you I'd look at other options if you are not totally happy.


GraceC said...

Hi Leslie, first time I've been to your blog (making a dash around before the bead soup reveal). Wonder how you solved this. I'm nothing close to an interior designer, but I thought I'd offer my 2 cents. If you really don't want to take it all back, you might consider exchanging just the separate chair, perhaps for the rug you mentioned. And I'd try to move the TV out from beside the fireplace, which gives that wall competing focal points. Perhaps it could go more in front of the French doors. ? ? ?


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