Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Have An Idea

Hello all! I have been tossing around an idea for a jewelry component for...well, I guess many months now. I finally decided to expand that idea even further. I ordered everything I think I will need to complete it, and now here I sit wondering.....am I nuts? Just because I got a few nice compliments on some that I have made and utilized in my designs doesn't mean that if will fly! Oh mental doubt, why do you plague me so?

I am sure that there are other designers and artists that have felt the same feelings and trepidation that seem to be plaguing me right now. So, I sit here and try to dissect what I am feeling. Is it fear of failure? No, I don't think that scares me....that is how I learn the best, by making mistakes. I think, in all honest truth, I am scared of being laughed at. There. I said it. But why? I think that because I am a full-time mom, wife, and nurse and because I have not made this my daily career I feel like I don't "belong". Belong where though? I think maybe I hold some of my favorite designers in such HIGH regard, put them up on a pedestal, that they are out of reach, and "that I shall never be one of them"...........

Weird thoughts for a Tuesday huh?

So, as I sit and ponder all of these wacky thoughts and feeling, I have decided that I shall go on and attempt to make something that in truth.....just makes me happy. And if it fails....oh well! If I list it in my shop and no one likes it....again....oh well! More for me! :)

Thanks for listening to this roller coaster of a post! If you have any insight or have had the same experiences PLEASE feel free to tell me I am NOT alone!! Have a great day! Enjoy!

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Spirited Earth said...

i agree,don't over think it..just do it..it either works like you hoped or not..and if not ,then you change it..it's the process that counts..
i've certainly created some stinkers..
don't worry about belonging..i've learned if you just stick around long enough people will think you belong there.. ;-)

Dee said...

go for it..you're an artist!


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