Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tiny Dancers

Hello all! On Friday Madelyn and I....okay, mostly the little girl-pest, made earrings. For her. Contrary to what my inner Mommy is saying about her being too young for dangle earrings.....I have this terrible vision of them being caught and pulled out, like ALL the way.....we made teeny-tiny dangles. I bought, oh like a MEGA TON of these enamel components from Firemountain Gems a few years in EVERY shape, size and color....I kid you NOT! And like most things, they have sat in their little plastic shoebox container. Madelyn opened the container and went "Oooooooooooo....". And there you have it! Little Tiny Dancer earrings were born! We made 19 pair! Yeah. Seriously. I do not know if you can tell from the photo, but they are itty-bitty. I should have taken a picture of Miss Maddy with a pair in, but since she like changed them every couple of minutes it was hard to catch her with a matching pair! Oh, and I had to order more sterling silver earwires as she used just about the entire package I had on hand! Again....not kidding! Oh, I sound like I am complaining, but in truth, her little face just lit up, and she could not even wait until Daddy was in the door before she showed them to him. I gave her my black earring display frame you see in the photo until the one I ordered for her on Etsy comes in.....I HAD to get one to match her room right? And don't tell me I could have made it because seriously, I know I could have, but why??.... when someone else can!

All those bright colors DO have me in the mood to make some Katie Earrings that I used to sell a ton of. That might be on tomorrows agenda! I need a pair of my own! Something to brighten up these cold, dreary winter days!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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