Monday, February 7, 2011

I Think....

....the weather is getting to me. I know I have a Vitamin D deficiency, but I take my supplements, so what could it be? I am tired, sick, drained, grouchy, NO energy, just plain pooped. I seriously feel like flopping face-down in bed and sleeping for a few years. Maybe I need to go to the tanning booth in town for some sunshine therapy???? What is up with me? This is seriously a boring rant.....but my brain is not functioning....I ramble! Seasonal affective disorder thingy??? Multivitamins not helping. Even WITH added iron and Vitamin C. I tried adding more protein to the diet. Drank cranberry juice with added energy stuff in it...., tried that Emergen+C stuff....

I mean, my eyebrows need waxing, my hair needs cut and energy to get the basics done. Dear Lord.....PLEASE do NOT let it be a relapse of depression....I AM TAKING MY MEDS! Ooops, TMI, SORRY! PMS? Ooops again! :)

I feel dysregulated.....a great word we use at work. Maybe I need to use DBT Skills! Ok, so I am NOT feeling as bad as THAT!

Does anyone else get this way this time of year? Could it be the season? The weather? Constant illness in this house? Plain old whinny-ass syndrome (bet that's it!). Need a good kick in the pants?

Ok, I am done....move along now, nothing to see here... :)
Hope YOU ALL have a great day! Thanks for stopping in, and if you made to the end of this post......GOD BLESS YOU! And, if you choose to come back again.....I LOVE YOU! :)

Take care!

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Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

Yes, I do. I have been very careful to watch my moods. I notice sleeping a little extra (going to bed early), exercising every day and doing vitamins helps. I also recommend playing with colors (I work with paints/fabrics/etc) and have good lighting as well. I recently sorted my felt fabrics and after looking at them for an hour, felt really good afterwards! lol And yes, times of the month do effected me as well (I had a hysterectomy and this helped big time). Feel better!!!

Christine'sCreations said...

I can totally relate to what your saying! keep taking those vitamins and maybe do something special for yourself. Movie, message, manacure. Then go on you tube and look up the comedian
Brian Reagan and watch any of his videos for a good dose of laughter. Hang in there.


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