Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Comfortable, But Okay.

Hello all! Heather Powers, over at Art Bead Scene blog posted about some Jewelry Contests that are open. I went and checked out Bead Star. I get their magazine when it becomes available each year, and I go look and vote on my favorites each year too! But, I did something spontaneous......TOTALLY NOT ME! I grabbed two designs I had already made, quickly re-took some photos, edited them, and then.....submitted them! Ack! WHAT was I thinking! Head on over the the ABS blog and maybe you too can do something as silly as get out of YOUR comfort zone! Won't you join me in the land of uncomfortable-ness? Enjoy!

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Kitty Durmaj said...

Maggie, I submitted a piece of jewelry for the last Bead Star contest in the Heart category. I actually made it to the voting stage. Although I was not a winner, I felt like I was just by making it as far as I did. Kitty


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