Sunday, February 27, 2011

Etsy Shop - REOPENED!

Hello all! I am still clicking my way through the fantastic Bead Soup Blog Hop! I want to say that I really appreciate all the fantastic comments you have left here! As well as on my bead soup partner, Kitty Durmaj's, blog! Thank you all so very much! It is because of the very sweet and enthusiastic comments about my handmade beaded toggle and handmade pendant, that I decided to bite the bullet and list some of these components in my Etsy Shop!

I made 3 more beaded wheels tonight. I hope to make some candy earring tomorrow with Madelyn (she LOVES these) and then on to some look for these to be listed too!

This was the hard decision and IDEA I had awhile back! If it does not fly and they never sell then "Oh Well", onto something else! In truth.....they just make me plain happy to make them!

Keep enjoying the BSBP! Thanks for stopping in!

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Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are really pretty! and they do look fun to make.

I LOVE color! said...

So Beautiful and creative
Be Blessed

I LOVE color! said...

Sooo Beatiful and so creative
Be Blessed

radmegan said...

Lovely stuff! Well done!!


Dee said...

They are lovely...can't imagine you hadn't sold them before now!

Susanm said...

I love the toggles - just bought two of them. Can hardly wait until they arrive.


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