Friday, February 4, 2011

What We Do On Sick Days - Part 2

Hello all! Between Madelyn and I STILL being sick, and all the bad winter weather we received, we are doing our best in this house to keep occupied! The above picture is Madelyn's very own fashion show.....using what is in her closet. Today she has decided to be a fashion designer. Yesterday, and into this morning, she wanted to be a breakdancer. As we snuggled in bed this morning she told me that the planet Earth was boring because we had gravity. She wanted to be able to turn the gravity off like in outer space and float around. I said that maybe she should be an astronaut then. "No thanks", she said...."I still want to be a breakdancer". "How about a Breakdancing Austronaut?". I said. "Ohhhhh, Mommmm...", she said.

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