Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Was Here

I know from the televised reports in Texas that the destruction is unbelievable! So, I know that my complaints about how bad we were hit here in MISSOURI.....yes, Missouri, will be on deaf ears. But, can I not complain a little?

No electricity, no hot water, no sump-pump to work without electricity, no internet, no phone. Leaking basement, water coming in all 3 outside facing doors, gutters flying off, neighbors outdoor furniture traversing through the air, BBQ grills also flying by the house, 3 trampolines went sailing by too. Well, really, anything in the neighborhood NOT nailed down was lost. My outside flowers......all gone. Hummingbird feeders......gone.

The upside to our weekend? Look at that sweetie in the first picture! This was just one of the animals at the Parents As Teachers Diego Party!

Here is Maddy with Diego!

And she was not as fond of the baby Chimp as I was!

And this is ALL she wanted to do at the party. Swing, swing, swing......with daddy standing near. It really was a very nice party. They had huge Diego puzzles, cats and dogs from the local humane society, balloons, snacks, juice, make-your-own Diego vest, jungle painting, animal search, and LOTS more! Great fun!

So, the only new jewelry I got in was one pendant, one pair of earrings and I had just started some custom Mother's Rings when we lost electricity for the second time Sunday. Let's hope me week goes better!

But in all seriousness, I am truly sorry for all of the families in Texas that are enduring this hard time. I can not image what it must have been like there if it was this bad up here in Missouri. You all are in my thoughts!

Have a great week everyone, in case I do not get to make it back here. I have a full work week ahead of me! Take care!



Margeaux said...

That monkey is just adorable!

Allyson said...

love your blog. great pics of the monkey and the party.


Oh, what an adorable chimp! I always wanted one when I was little! Thanks for sharing the photos.

w said...

it's diego! my girl loves him.

al rescate!

Leslie said...

Thank you all for the great comments! It really was a great party PAT put together! I think Maddy was a little star struck with Diego.....she was so shy....NOT like her! Thank you ALL for stopping in!


missknits said...

i see you dont live far from me, i am in saint louis, and yes i am amazed that ike hit us so hard too! the flooding was so intense, total areas/streets/hwys shut down from it all. but truly feel for those in texas affected so greatly!

oh and that baby chimp is just precious!!


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