Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sink or Swim........I DID IT!!!!!!

I did it.

Let me try that again.

I DID IT!!!!!

I FINALLY listed my jewelry on Etsy. GO LOOK! Really! Don't believe me? Just look at my hands.....they are shaking. Whether out of excitement, fear or nervousness.....or maybe too many cups of coffee, I don't know! But there you have it. Sink or Swim I am in the thick of it now! Gosh I feel like I just gave, ok, what do I do now?

OH! In celebration to my new G-R-A-N-D O-P-E-N-I-N-G all items have free shipping to the continental US and Canada! And more items are being listed as we speak. See this post to look at the items!

Thank you all for stopping in.....I am off to go list more goodies!

Take care.....Go Forth and Create!



1 comment:

TQB Designs said...

Leslie -

You did a great job 1st time out! ... now:)... I'd like to see some of your shots taken in natural light - give it a try - I think you will be pleasantly surprised:) HURRAY - you should be proud!!


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