Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Decor.....Take 2

Hello again all! Yes! Here I am again....I know, twice in 2 days.......can you believe it? I should be concentrating on the art show coming up November 22 & 23 that I am participating in, but instead I am having too much fun trying out all of the Halloween projects from The Craft Crow blog.

Yesterday evening Tim, Maddy and I made these ghosts. I had left over ribbon from the Halloween banner and instead of using monofilament and hanging them horizontal as shown in the instructions, I came up with the design above.......again, we make do!

Tim made his own design too, and I gave Maddy a print-out for her to color, but she was more interested in the play-doh after coloring the first ghost.
Here is my husband Tim's design. Actually, I messed up the first set of ghosts, this set, and he made these instead of throwing them away. Those eyes are tricky to cut out without a craft knife and I did not like how they turned out, so I started over. He outlined the eyes in black and then just started drawing on them after Maddy got her hands on the marker (see ghost "B"). Oh well, when all else fails make lemonade!

My next project is to finish the book sculptures I have been working on.....strangely enough also listed on The Crafty Crow. I saw them on Etsy long ago, and since I am an avid reader fell in love with them at once and I new I could make some for myself.........sorry Etsy sellers, I want to do this one myself instead of buying them.......I apologize for not supporting you all on this one!!!

I hope you all enjoy more of the decor here on the home front. It has been so much, SUPER FUN this year with Maddy! I tell ya, they just get better every day..........remind me I said this when I come on here and vent about her on one of her bad days!!!

Enjoy, and again, send some of your holiday pics to me of your own decor, and if you want I will do a post on my readers holiday crafts and link your blog too, if you have one!

Go forth and create!



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