Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Someone Crushes Your Dream

The above link and article might give you all an inside look to what is going on here on the homefront. My husband and I attended our first City Council meeting on Monday night. We went in regards to a letter that we received Friday afternoon at out home. It was sent anonymously from someone in our subdivision. Our contractor never informed any of us. It just so happened that a neighbor was walking in the neighborhood and saw a very small sign posted on the empty lots where the large construction equipment was parked. Very well hidden. The sign was to announce the hearing for the rezoning of our subdivision for low-income rental duplexes.

We have lived in our new home for only 13 months. It is our VERY FIRST real home. We have lived with family, rented low income housing and bought and lived in a double wide trailer for years while I attended nursing school. To say that this house is our dream come true is SUCH an understatement! It is not JUST our dream, it is our investment, my daughters future and where we chose to live and raise our family.

I know that our builder/contractor is having financial trouble due to the economics of our country, but who isn't? All of the homeowners in this development had a dream, just like our builder did. I am very sorry that he is having $$$ problems, but you do not give up on your dream of a great, beautiful, special and really different development when times get tough. He should not give up on his dream that he had for this area.

It is like making us homeowners choose the lesser of two evils. Either 700 square foot low-income rented duplexes, in a housing development that the LOWEST square footage built here now is 1750, OR he builds stripped down, 1400 sq foot, no garage, gravel driveway houses, that if he does not sell he will rent anyway.

I don't know. I can't cry any more tears that are just useless anyway. I am too exhausted.

From the feelings that I got at the council meeting, it may not pass. But, this is just one battle. I can not see him giving up, or letting his business go bankrupt. I think this is going to be a messy fight.

There is much more to the story than this too. I forgot to tell you that 3 of the larger houses out here are owned by his subcontractors that could use some work too, so not everyone out here is against this new development. But most are and a good majority spoke at the meeting.

Thanks for listening to my woes of the day. Sorry to bore you all and bum you out too! Keep us in your thoughts please! Have a great week and Happy Halloween! I hope to pop back in and post some pictures of our Halloween! Take care!


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The Empty Envelope said...

I'm so sorry to hear this!! I will definitely keep you guys in my thoughts. You are a blog I watch, so I'll look for a positive update:)!


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