Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I Am Loving Today......

I am loving my new piece of furniture that my mom brought to me all the way from Iowa, where she was visiting her friend recently.....we put it together this weekend. I think that it is BEAUTIFUL, it finishes and completes my little entryway. It is just the perfect size and I am completely in love with it. Is it possible to love a piece of furniture? I think so.And these lovelies! My wonderful mother, the estate sale queen, also came to visit and had these fantastic handmade, lined drapes. 4 "Long" and 4 "Short", as we call them. All for $35.00. Yup, you saw it correctly! $35! What a steal! The Long set is hung on the dining room windows.....and that is only 2 of them. There are 2 more!!! One of the Short ones is hung on the kitchen window and we had to fold it 3 times to get it to look similar to a really it is three times as long as in the picture.....and there are 3 more of them also! I think I need more black clips and hang more to make both windows look fuller, but it is a start. Oh, and like I said they are lined in the little black check you see at the top....they are HEAVY and oh so cool! Plus, I can not believe that the Long set are the perfect length! How lucky was that? Thank you Mom! You are awesome as always!I painted the frames on these pictures. They had this old 80's gold frame on them. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but was meeting resistance from the man in the house.....who will go nameless to protect the innocent. I wish I had a before picture to show the difference. The closest I have is this post here. You can barely see the frame in the picture with all of the cards on the mantel. I have to admit that they look so much better painted. Well, of course they do you say? I was right you say? I thought so, but let's not tell the man OK? You WANT to tell the man? Well then PLEASE leave a comment on your opinion on the new black frames and how much better they look painted. Not to rub it in or anything. Yes......I met with A WHOLE LOT of resistance here, can you tell?

And here we have a picnic that my baby made with all of her best friends. I KNOW she is not a baby....geesh........I don't want to talk about it OK? I just love how Nala has a piece of meat in front of her.....cute little carnivore. And the "girls" all have tea in front of them. All of the food groups are represented here and so is the food chain! I don't' know, maybe this is only something a mommy could love. Madelyn will be 3 and a half this month.....*sigh*.....she is so big. She is shooting up in height. She got out of the tub last night and there she was warming up in front of the fireplace in all of her rudy-tudy-nudiness and all I could see was these LONG legs...she is no longer a toddler....she is a real little girl now.......I really don't want to talk about it.......

And last, the beautiful, long-lashed princess in the tub making sudsy hair-dos. She had so much fun. She kept looking at herself in the shiny tub-drain and laughing that great belly laugh. The laugh that makes her have the hiccups afterwards, just like when she was an infant. Here is one thing that I am loving everyday and not just today!



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