Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Decor.....Take 1

Hello all! It is not my day to work in the store and I did not have any senior centers scheduled today, so I kept my girl home today for a "little mommy and me" time. One of the items on our agenda was to make this Halloween banner you see here! I found it online HERE yesterday at work and we quickly whipped it up this morning. I could NOT find ANY ric-rac at the store yesterday, but the cute thin black and white checked ribbon looks nice (I know you can't see it, but it is rather cute). I would have rather had the ric-rac for the texture and design, but we make do huh? I also did not print it out on card stock as suggested, that is up to you.
I think for Thanksgiving we will do one as well, and let Maddy color them with traditional fall/seasonal colors. I will post that here when the time comes. Also, if you browse a little more on her site you will find OTHER free tutorials and patterns. I am kinda excited to print and hang the holiday dangles come Christmas.
Well, enjoy! Let me see some pictures of your great banners you make with this wonderful freebie. And post some comments on more ideas of what we all can use these banner letters for....holidays, birthdays, baby showers, etc.....and of course comment on what we all could do to "color the up" a little!
Thanks! Have a great day. GO FORTH AND CREATE!!!! All of you......that means you too!


Estela said...

CUTE banner!!

Wende said...


We did this same banner a few years ago! It's so much fun and we're still using it.


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