Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Striking Solid

Hello all! I am VERY excited to introduce a new Etsy shop to you, Striking Solid Photography by Todd Tevlin. I am also happy to say that not only is Todd an extremely talented artist, but he is also my friend. We met in high school math class 20 years ago! I failed the class, and still to this day blame him! (We passed notes the whole class...the entire semester)
Read his profile, as he is an amazing person! A great artist, photographer, friend, computer guru, father and I am sure his wife would say husband! Do me, him and yourself a favor and give a little love to a new Etsian!
Thank you all and enjoy! Have a great week! Go forth and create!

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Kim said...

I already checked out his shop! His work IS amazing...I hearted him!

Anonymous said...

I didn't seem to have any problem passing that math class. I didn't force you to pass those notes back, ya know. :D

Thanks for the plug!

Natasha said...

AH I loved passing notes...I used to stick them in the tops of bic pen caps in grammar school so the nuns wouldn't catch me hahaha...

His work is out of this world...I'm so glad you introduced me...well all the peeps floating around out here.

Love your shop ...I invite you and Todd and anyone else you would like to check out my blog - I think you would enjoy. Great group and fantastic work...like yours!

Leslie said...

Thank you Kim! Thank you Natasha!

I know Todd did not have ANY idea that I struggled in math and needed to give it 110% attention, when it got 0%, so it really is not his fault. BUT....would it NOT have been considered rude to NOT pass the notes back? My mama taught me better than that! Ha!

Alison Du Bois said...

Todd's work is great - I especially like his Last Train To Rustville 5. Thanks for sharing him with me, and for comenting on my blog :)


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