Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where You Can Find Me!

It seems I am popping up everywhere! I like it! Makes me fee somewhat important! Like I am a business, instead of feeling like a hobby! How about that? Well, let me share with you where I am, where you can find me and where I might SOON pop up!

I had a great feature on a beautiful blog by Southern Belle!

I have a beautiful little "Button" Ad on the INCREDIBLE blog by Amanda Blake Soule, better know as SouleMama.

Little Elephant Company was sweet enough to add my Etsy shop banner to their link page!

I will also have a giveaway and review hosted by STL Mommy in the near future!

On May 8th I will be the Feature Artist on St. Louis Handmade!!

I also signed up for St. Louis Moms Like Me website, which puts me in contact with other moms from the area. It has places for Groups, Forums, Martketplace, Discussions and Photos! I really am enjoying it!

Enjoy the new website links! Have a great day! I will be back soon with a HUGE amount new designs waiting to be photographed and edited! Woo Hoo! New Year......New Designs! Take care! Go Forth and Create!




ellsea said...

Wow! It all sounds so exciting - go you! It's so great that you are starting to get so much success and recognition - you are obviously a very talented lady. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength.

Leslie said...

Thank you Ellsea! It might be that it was such a dreary day here today, but I needed to post something exciting! I also hope the same thing for Mad Maggie Designs! Thank you!



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