Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daring Young Mom

Hello all! Madelyn came home from preschool last Friday not feeling well so we waited out the weekend and took her to the pediatrician on Monday. Upper and Lower respiratory infections....woo hoo.

I am not sure what to say or were to begin. I have been home with her since then and I feel like I am about to go crazy. She is sick, sad, crabby, bored, cranky, cuddly, and sometimes just plain mean. I feel bad for her as I know that SHE feels yucky. Thank goodness she loves to take medicine, so I do not have to go through THAT fight with her! She is stuck to me 24/7. I have exhausted my ideas for sick play and entertainment. It does not help that a huge winter storm came in and we FINALLY have snow and I can not let her go out......*insert her temper tantrums here*.

I have decided after receiving this great link from a friend on mine, to share this with you all. I feel like this mom today. Read it, Enjoy it, Empathize with it!

Have a great day! Excuse me while I go and get Maddy down from the walls......

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