Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just An Idea

Anthropologie $198

Etsy $2.00

Etsy $2.50

Etsy $7.50

Etsy $6.25

Wanna make one of your own???

Looking at the original bracelet, all I think you need is the above items, a little bow making skill, and possibly some E6000 glue....and a little crafty know-how! Let me know what you think!

Click on each picture to take you to the Etsy listing for supplies!

I am linking this post up with Living with Lindsay, one of my new most favorite blogs!

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ElegantSnobbery said...

Leslie, this post was GENIUS!! Finding the materials on Etsy, to make amazing Anthropologie-style accessories... I LOVE it!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

I love that champagne color :)


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