Sunday, June 8, 2008

Full Weekend........Fun Weekend!

Hello all! What a weekend! My mother came in for a visit. She had a complex surgery on her hand weeks ago and was just now able to drive her car. She was not released for even a few days and she was on the road here to see "her baby girl". Ahem.......not me.....the other one.......yes MY baby girl. You know the one I gave birth too. The one who I labored with for 20 hours. The one whom I love more than life itself. The one who is 3. The one who was HOLY LIVING HEATHEN this weekend! Yes that one. My sweet Madelyn was AWFUL this weekend! Please, someone tell me that this is normal, 3 year old behavior! Talk about your Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde! Whew.....I am beat! I even overheard my mother on her cell phone talking to her long-distance "boyfriend" about my dear little girl acting "bratty". Ahhhh! The "B" word! The worst thing you can call a child! Man-o-man has she put me through the ringer this weekend with her ups and downs........"Love you mama! Your my best friend!"........two seconds later she spits at me! YES! SPITS! What the heck is she picking up at that preschool? Anyway, enough of that, or I will have to go into detail on her punishment for that one!

Oh! The above picture is another story......long story short, my dear sweet FIRST Robin disappeared many weeks ago, right after I posted about her on my blog. Her nest sat empty for many weeks, but I figured I would leave it there. You know, just in case. Well, the last few days I have witnessed another robin flying off every time I pull in the garage. My husband decided to check Saturday and look what we have!!!! Doesn't it seem late to have eggs? Oh well, I will take what I can! The FIRST Robin never moved when we went outside or used the garage. This NEW Robin flies off every chance it can. I have threatened to call the DFS, as I believe she is abandoning her babies WAY to much.......I mean really.....what would you have me do?

I have had many requests for pictures of the jewelry orders that I have been filling. I am so happy to say that I am being kept VERY busy with each delivery I make. As I deliver, I get new orders.........YEAH!!!!! I am by NO means a photographer, so please bear with the pictures. Also, I forgot to buy lithium batteries for my camera, going on a week now, so many of the first orders did not get photographed.......sorry! But you will get the idea! I also want to put in that while I love making custom "family" style jewelry, my love is REALLY for the organic, artisan style of jewelry design. I just love in general that there are those out there that actually like my work! So, here goes.......
Custom order for Vivian. Double strand Sterling & Swarovski bracelet. First strand her children. Second strand her grandchildren.
Mother's Rings....Front row Sterling & Swarovski mothers/grandmothers rings. Last row September birthstone ring and a custom Swarovski black and sterling stardust ring. Sorry again about the picture, as it REALLY does not do the crystal rondelles justice! My mother loves these as she, as well as MANY others, suffer from arthritis and these stretch to fit even then most swollen-knuckle days!
Custom necklace for co-workers niece. Sterling name blocks and Swarovski June birthstone on stretch cord with sterling lobster clasp, as per request. She bought one for her granddaughter years ago and asked me to make one for her niece for her dance recital this coming week. Turned out MUCH better than the picture!

And you get the point I am sure. Don't want to bore you all to death! More custom orders for mothers rings, mothers bracelets, grandmothers bracelets and just bad pictures in general...........beautiful jewelry though! Too bad my pictures do not do them justice....they sure do sparkle and the colors of the rondelles just pop! Each one is so special to every person I return it too. They just gush which makes me EXTREMELY happy! I love making someones day. You know I love my "day job" as a community education nurse, but what I teach is depressing sometimes, so this just makes my day!

I hope this satisfies everyones wishes on seeing what has been keeping me SO SUPER busy most nights after work. My husband, by the way, has been MORE than wonderful in helping with the regular household "stuff" that needs to be done after work while I have been in the studio finishing orders! Thank you Tim!

I sincerely hope that everyone had a great weekend. I did not get into a lot of what we did as a family with Nana this weekend as my post has run on long enough! Just know that we really enjoyed having her and we miss her already! You all take care! Much blessings to everyone. Go forth and create. Have a great week and if you have any questions about the "family" jewelry contact me or leave a comment! Or just leave a comment on your opinion of the jewelry........that would make me happy too!



LampworkDiva said...

Hi Maggie,

I love the little sterling silver rings - a sweet confection for your finger! The blue felt bird nest bobby pin in your etsy shop is a unique way to wear the trendy bird nest. Very clever! Look forward to seeing more!


Leslie said...

Hello and thank you for stopping in! Your lampwork beads are FABULOUS!!! Love them! Also, thank you for your great praise of my mother's rings! I wish I could take creadit for the blue bird nest bobby pin, as it is one of my favorite finds on Etsy, but it was not made by me. It is made by another fantastic artist on Etsy! Everyone should go browse the goodies in her shop! Have a great weekend Cindy! Many blessings!



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