Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to you all! A special Father's Day "shout out" to my father Mel and my wonderful husband Tim! Both of whom really are 2 of the most fantastic fathers in the world! They are truly the best! Another great man and father was my step-father, Glenn, who sadly has not been with us for over 3 years as he passed away 6 weeks before my daughter was born. He is GREATLY missed every minute of every day! Happy Father's Day Glenn, we love and miss you!

Father's Day is defined by Wikipedia as a celebration of fatherhood and male parenting, and to honor and commemorate our fathers and forefathers. Who knew? Betz White wrote it best in her post about her father. I could not agree more........about my OWN father that is!
Our Father's Day is being spent by lounging in our PJ's, drinking good coffee, playing with Play-Doh, napping, watching Shrek 3, spending time with each other as a family, just in general......nothing too special!

I REALLY want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who stopped in here over the last 3 days to read my blog!!!! Thank you Margot at The Impatient Blogger for the Linky Love you gave me! I am truly touched by your words in your post. Thank you again, I am SO glad to have helped you that day! Please, everyone, stop back in, read, browse, feel free to leave comments..........I LOVE COMMENTS! It lets me see who is out there in the web world AND puts me in touch with other blogs and websites that I did not know about! Love it!

Currently, I am awaiting a shipment of beads to finish new orders, make new designs that are swimming around in my head and well......just plain make my day! It's like Christmas every time there is a box on my front porch! Fun!

Everyone....go forth and create, celebrate your fathers, kiss your babies, hug your husbands, and just in general..........have a great day!

Oh, and here is a picture of our little beauty that allows my husband to celebrate this day called Father's Day! Thank you Madelyn for coming into our life and bringing out in us feelings that can not be expressed into words! We love you!

Many blessings to you all!



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Mary Beth said...

Hi Leslie. I'm replying to your comments on the blog. I love hot Grape Nuts too! My daughter frequently eats them that way too. I'm going to keep experimenting with the steel cut oats.
Hope you guys had a great father's day.
Mary Beth


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