Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beadwork June/July 2010 Magazine

Hello! Good morning! Well, it is morning here! I had time while taking care of my little sick gal to check out my new issue of Beadwork June/July 2010 magazine. I must say that I am not a seed bead weaver....actually, I am not even sure if that is the correct wording! But....I like the magazine so I subscribe! Years and YEARS ago I saw how to make the neatest bracelet on the Carol Duvall show (oh how I miss THAT show)! Evette Potts was on and she showed how to make a DNA Bracelet. Tried to find a link and of course I can not! I made so many of those bracelets....I was a bit obsessed. At that time I had no idea what I was doing, weaving and such, all I know is that I had fun!
Anyhoo...I think that I might have found at least one or two projects in there that I can do! Usually, I am SOOOO lost reading the "how-to's" that I just end up browsing the pictures. But this time something clicked! And I understood! Woo Hoo! Bought the supplies yesterday so I am anxiously awaiting the mail!
I have a secret! I fell in love with a jewelry artist after my mother brought me a postcard from the artists table at an arts and crafts show in St. Louis.....Clayton, Mo. I think. Anyway, after getting online and looking her up I found that she had an Etsy shop. At that time I had NO idea what Etsy was, so it is this artist who introduced me to the site. Also, she did things with seed beads that I feel IN LOVE with! I have been looking, researching, Googling, and buying instructions on how to make these same type of "beaded beads". I guess I keep hoping on day Beadwork magazine will post a how-to!!
In the mean time I will be still subscribing and still hoping and maybe now actually trying some of the projects! Wish me luck, and maybe I will be back with some pictures......

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AuntieAnnie said...

Carol Wilcox Wells second book will teach you how to make beaded beads such as the one pictured....Your DNA bracelet is spiral stitch and it is wonderful - with a ton of variations. Enjoy

Leslie Gidden said...

Oh thank you Auntie Anne! What a great fountain of information you are! I will be running to check her book out! Thanks again for the help! Take care!


Linda said...

I too am an admirer of beadweaving but not sure I can do it after a full day of working online; I can barely see to thread the needle.

I have a stack of library books on the topic.

Good luck.


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