Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello! Happy Monday to you all! I just thought I would show you all....with a little risk of spoiling it for my dad.....what I made this weekend for Father's Day presents! I went with something easy, but personal!! The top pics are of the key chain I made for my father-in-law (whose birthday just happens to be today!!!), and the bottom pics are of the key chain I made for my dad!

My father, who hails from St. Louis, but resides in Oklahoma, is a HUGE Cardinals fan!! GO CARDS! So he is receiving the STL Cardinal bottlecap key chain. Now, my father-in-law likes to watch sports on TV, but we can not actually say he is a huge fan of any particular team, for him we made a key chain with the initial of his last name and of course a pic of our little cutie!

The bottlecap was purchased from Etsy already made.....yes, yes, I know...I should have made it myself, but it was already made and ready for shipping from a seller here in Missouri and was in my mailbox within two days of purchase!! How about them apples?? Better than I could have done!

Both men will be receiving other gifts along with these handmade ones, but THOSE are being kept secret!! Shhhhhh.....


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