Monday, May 17, 2010

Giving Garrett Hope

Hello! You know my daughter Madelyn just turned 5! She has been attending the same daycare/preschool since she was 16 months old.....and pretty much with the SAME group of children since she started.

One of her friends is Garrett. Garret is autistic! His family is trying to get a service dog through Wilderwood Service Dogs......but they need some help! Please check out the new Facebook Fan Page Giving Garrett Hope to learn more!!!

Here is some funny trivia! Garrett's dad and I worked together, and Garrett's mom and my husband STILL work together!

Garrett has a brother, Morgan....who is also autistic. Can you imagine caring for one child with autism let alone 2? Our local newspaper did an article on the two brothers, you can read it HERE! His parents are FANTASTIC! I know that they are not alone in being caregivers of autistic children, let alone multiple children with a Spectrum Disorder! All of those caregivers deserve our love and respect!

When a diagnosis of Autism comes to your family, your entire world changes. Hopes and dreams have to be rearranged. New schedules and family activities seem too revolved around the autistic child. Often social isolation becomes as crippling as the financial burden of a special needs child. Therapies can be slow and frustrating. One begins to wonder that if there are 1 in every 150 children diagnosed with Autism, how the people and our health care system can be so limited?
Please help enrich a little boys quality of life with the help of Wilderwood Service Dogs and your donation! At least check out the new Facebook page and "Like" it, and PASS IT ON by sharing it on your page!! We CAN give hope and support for a better life for Garrett!! Thank you!

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